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6 reasons for causing corrosion and corrosion of bearings and other hardware parts
Announcer:admin  Date:2018/8/23 17:53:55  Views:1359
6 reasons for causing corrosion and corrosion of bearings and other hardware parts

1. The quality of anti-rust lubricating oil and cleaning kerosene used by some enterprises in production cannot meet the requirements of process technology.

2. As the price of bearing steel drops and then falls, the bearing steel material gradually declines. For example, the content of non-metallic impurities in the steel is too high (the increase in sulfur content in the steel causes the corrosion resistance of the material itself to decrease), the metallographic structure deviation, and the like. The source of bearing steel used in production companies is more complicated, and the quality of steel is even more.

3. Some enterprises have poor environmental conditions, high levels of harmful substances in the air, and too little turnover space, making it difficult to carry out effective anti-rust treatment. Coupled with the hot weather, production workers violated anti-rust procedures and other phenomena.

4. The turning allowance and grinding allowance of the bearing rings of some enterprises are small, and the oxide scale and decarburization layer on the outer circle are not completely removed.

5. In the process of producing bearings, some enterprises do not strictly carry out anti-rust treatment on the bearing parts in the processing process and the finished bearing products in accordance with the requirements of cleaning anti-rust regulations and oil seal anti-rust packaging. If the ferrule has a long turnaround time during the turnaround, the outer ring of the outer ring is exposed to corrosive liquid or gas.

6, some enterprises' anti-rust paper, nylon paper (bag) and plastic cylinder and other bearing packaging materials do not meet the requirements of rolling bearing oil seal anti-rust packaging is also one of the factors causing corrosion.